Hello, & thank you for stopping by A Flocking Wise Bird!

I hope you enjoy exploring the store & leave with something uplifting & fun for you & your loved ones.

So what is A Flocking Wise Bird & where did it come from?

Hi, I am Shanda Renee. The author & creator.

It all began one day when a friend of mine reached out to me, asking if I would write her a story to cheer her up. I took to the notepad in my phone & in about twenty minutes, I text her a funny story about a lonely elephant & a cursing bird. 

It did the trick, making her laugh & cheering her up. The story then sat in my phone for about two years until one day, I was hit with some flocking bullshit that turned my life upside down, overnight. 

I quickly sank into depression, being swallowed by fear, sadness, confusion, paranoia & I needed something to focus my energy. I needed something to work towards & have hope in. So I revisited that short story & went to work developing the characters, expanding the narrative & going deeper with the message. 

The story evolved into what it is today. The published book,  The Lonely Elephant: A picture book for adults. 

Writing this book, helped me get through awful days & months. And while it didn't solve all the problems, it made them less a focal point of my days. I took the advice of my own Wise Bird character, which brought hope to believe. That is my wish for you as well. 

While I was editing the final touches of The Lonely Elephant, I realized my Wise Bird had so much more to say. So I created, A Flocking Wise Bird Book Series.  

Each book will address a different adult theme, told in a humorous tone with a whimsy spirit. 

In a little under four months, all while life as I had become accustomed too, was collapsing around me, I wrote, edited, illustrated a book. Created & built the shopify website/store with the new brand merch, uniquely designed, by me. And I published & launched it all. 

It is not perfect. There will be errors. I appreciate your patience & sending me positive, constructive criticism.

If there is one thing I learned in life when it comes to our own joy & life purpose, it is to not wait to be ready. Do not wait for perfection. Just start, & put your work into the world. 

There will always be those who find reasons to complain & judge, no matter how good you do. We do not do what we do for them. We do it for ourselves. We do it for those who will be blessed & grateful for our art, our work & our stories. Life goes on with or without us. This is our chance to express & do the things that bring us joy, so just do it. 

Thank you for your support of small, women owned businesses, independent artists & self-published authors.